WordPress Memberships

We can integrate Paid Membership Pro to websites or website pages, as well as membership cards depending on the type of memberships needed

paid memberships pro - wordpress memberships

The Most Complete WordPress Membership Plugin.

Restrict content, manage member subscriptions with recurring payments. User registration, custom profile fields, and robust member management.

Build the exact wordpress memberships site you need.
With PMPro, we can build you any kind of member-focused business or organization with the features you need today or down the road.

WordPress Memberships for different types of websites

Courses & Coaching

Associations & Professional Organizations

Communities, Directories & Listings

Digital Downloads

Premium and Paywall Content

Paid Newsletters

WordPress Memberships – Membership Levels

Membership Management
Unlimited Levels
Create a complete membership offering with unique pricing and content access for each level. Members can hold one or more member levels at a time.

Multi-tiered Membership
Offer individual or organizational memberships with child accounts linked to a paying parent account.

Offline Communities
Set up a membership site to accept applications and process dues for an offline community, like a trade association, professional association, or member-supported organization.

Collect User Fields by Membership Level
Capture custom profile information by membership level for public or admin-only display. Fields are stored as WordPress user meta.

Member Email Communications
Customize the content and design of every message sent to members, including membership confirmation, payment invoices, and expiration notices.

Sync Roles and Membership Levels
Link a membership level to a core WordPress role or create a new role and define custom capabilities based on your membership features.

Ecommerce, Payment Options, and Invoicing

Flexible Membership Level Pricing
Configure levels for free or with many pricing structures. Levels can be free, one-time payment, or a recurring subscription such as annual, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly charges.

Recurring Payments and Subscriptions
Process recurring payments and create an order for each successful payment made. Failed payments will retry and cancel according to your settings and membership status.

Multiple Payment Gateway Options
Integrate with Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree, or offline payments (check). Or, use WooCommerce to purchase a level as a product.

Offer Multiple Payment Methods
Allow members to choose their payment method, whether it be a secure payment by credit card, offsite payment with PayPal or payment by check or bank transfer (manual).

Customizable Membership Trial Periods
Offer free or reduced price trial periods and optionally require a payment method to auto-start the subscription when the trial ends. Offer a trial period that differs from your recurring billing period.

Proration and Pausing
Proration scripts allow you to offer standard proration rules or leverage extensive filter hooks to write your own custom proration rules. This guide on pausing memberships explores options depending on your pausing requirements.

Customize Member Renewal Dates
Offer rolling membership or force all memberships to renew on a specific day of the month or year.

Variable Pricing and Donations
Allow members to set their own price for membership or make a one-time or recurring donation.

Discount, Gift, or Invite Codes
Offer discounts on membership, run a timed sitewide sale, share goal progress bars, and track the success of your membership promotions.


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